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TRW Easy Brake Tool. The brake service with a future

The TRW Electric Park Brake is an innovative braking system which is increasingly being fitted on mid-class vehicle models. Today, the first-to-market technology is already available on the Audi A6, VW Passat and Volvo S80.
Modern braking systems often require the use of electronic tools for even the simplest service jobs. When repairing brakes, systems either have to be deactivated or put into service mode. Therefore, the job can only be done professionally if suitable diagnostic tools are available.
As a leading supplier of brake systems, TRW is committed to providing independent garages with the latest service tools and diagnostic equipment - helping them to stay in business. The Easy Brake Tool (EBT) facilitates the safe, professional replacement of brake pads. It connects to the vehicle's OBD II interface and automatically links up with the control unit. The commands correspond with those of the original diagnostic tools, and regular software updates ensure that the garage always has the latest technology to service and repair any vehicle fitted with EPB.

The advantages of the TRW Easy Brake Tool.
Safeguards and expands the garage's volume of business
Easy to update; just one tool needed for a range of different vehicle models
Flexible; the diagnostic tester is not blocked
Easy to operate
Avoids installation errors
Ensures workplace safety.
Enhances the professional image of your garage

After obtaining the tool, garages must first register themselves. Registration has the following advantages:
Easy processing of warranty cases
Exclusive information for registered garages
A major benefit of our system is that the Easy Brake Tool is collected directly from you and you receive the updates within a few working days.
The system's structure and functioning
The Easy Brake Tool is easy to operate. It connects to the vehicle's OBD II interface and automatically links up with the control unit. LED lights in the centre of the tool indicates when the power supply is on and whether the tool is communicating with the control unit. To open the brake, the mechanic simply presses the OFF button to enter pad changing mode. To close the brake pads after replacing the brake pads he then presses the ON button. The lights over the ON and OFF buttons display the braking system's current mode. Finally, the error memory is cleared and checked for remaining error codes. The hardware consists of a durable 83 x 55 x 20 mm aluminium case which provides excellent protection for the electronics and microprocessor. The OBD II plug has a c. 30 cm flex which is screwed to the case and fitted with a strain-relief clamp.
Basic tool:
YCB300 Easy Brake Tool plus software for Audi A6 & VW Passat
Software updates:
Audi A8 with brake pad wear reset
Mercedes Benz W211 EHB Deactivation
Additional updates to follow:
e.g., for Audi / VW / Lancia / Ford / Volvo models


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